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MYQUIX is a state of the art digital platform that helps Technicians and Business owners to find the Customers with Jobs directly with no middleman or expensive commissions to pay!

MYQUIX Business gives you a lightweight, simple to use MYQUIX Management Software worked for Business to oversee charging, planning, client engagement with adaptable reports and graphical dashboard.


Track your Assets with AM
We provide a Solution which is flexible asset management system that can help you to achieve current and future challenges.

How it works?
  • Once registered, customer can login and add assets.
  • You can add an Asset by entering asset details and uploading pictures of an it.
  • After adding an Asset a unique QR code will be generated.
  • You can take print-out of the QR code and attach it to the asset.
  • Dashboard screen displays all Asset categories screen. You can see your complete inventory in a single screen.
  • Click on any Asset category and all the available Assets will be displayed.
  • Customer can view the asset details and also edit them.

Reporting Tool

Problem Statement: A Grocery chain distributors had trouble splitting reports by routes and sending them to individual route users.

Empathy Statement: Distributors had great issues with

- Finding the right software to split the files
- Pay high price for splitting software
- Manually distinguish each split file by route
- Manually collect all files "by route" into individual "route folder"
- Manually upload and send files via emails to each route user
- No record or history of files that were sent All of this required up to 3 hrs of work every weekend for each distributor

Impact Statement: Easy to use interface with built in User management, Warehouse management, Route management, Automatic File processing and Auto Email dispatching features helped bring cadence into the process and reduce processing time to under 5 mins per weekend.

Total Savings: 3hrs * 52 weeks = 156 hrs/yr Per Distributor 156 * 32 Distributors = 4992 hrs/yrfor ALL of the Distributors enrolled into the Portal.

CTM – Cell Tower Management

Cell Tower Management (CTM) is specifically built to equip Cell Tower Management Companies with an infrastructure to monitor, manage and control their assets distributed over a wide geography. It is a complete end to end cell tower management solution.
CTM delivers business value through

  • Increased Tower Uptimes
  • Reduced operation expenses
  • Higher Asset Utilization
  • Monitor power consumption
  • Cell tower management from centralized location.
  • Accurate, Real-time information availability at ground level.
  • Identify troublesome Cell sites.
  • Preventive maintenance efficiency can be improved
  • Root cause analysis will help to lower the outages.
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