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Since TemPositions is a staffing and temp agency with many divisions, we cover a full range of jobs. We work hard to attract the best and the brightest talent to make available to our diversified client bases. We're able to retain that talent with a benefits package that is tops in the industry. We invest heavily in technology, creating proprietary systems that others simply don’t have—to make working with us easy.

As a candidate, you get a fabulous job. As a client, you get a skilled professional. And we get to help make it all happen. In the end, everyone's happy.



Since 1975, Labor Finders has had a simple and clear mission...Changing lives through meaningful employment and partnerships. From our hard working associates to our valued clients, we put our customers first.



Asset management – AM gives a great way of keeping track of all assets. AM gives organizations to do timely preventive maintenance for long life of the assets. AM gives the ability to track all the issues of an asset during certain period and gives the ability to make a purchase decision. Using AM organizations can plan to replace or upgrading the aged assets in a timely manner.

AM helps organization to track what assets it owns, where each is located, who has it, when it was checked out, when it is due for return, when it is scheduled for maintenance, and the cost, ageing and depreciation of each asset.

Reducing asset downtime and asset failure, thus saving costs, including maintenance costs. Improving asset maintenance and developing new services around it. Increasing the utilization of assets from a time and resource allocation perspective.


Flexscan MD

Inventory Solved.

FlexScanMD's diverse, cloud-based, inventory management solution helps medical practices of ALL specialties and sizes efficiently manage the products and medications they stock, dispense and sell. All your inventory can be accessed, managed and dispensed from FlexScanMD on any web browser, from any device for all your locations.

Flexcan MD
Martin's Logo

Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.®

Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.® is a family owned and operated consumer goods company headquartered in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. We are a bread and roll manufacturer that is rigorously dedicated to extraordinary taste, quality and customer service and proudly represents our legacy of cherished eating experiences.

Our story starts in the 1950s, in the heart of “Pennsylvania Dutch” country in the kitchen of Lois and Lloyd Martin. It was there that they perfected their potato roll. In 1955, they converted their garage into a small bakery and throughout the next twenty years, distribution grew from local farmers’ markets to corner grocery stores and on to supermarkets. The sweet, buttery taste, soft texture, and distinctive golden color made the Martin’s Potato Roll an instant favorite. The business eventually expanded into two commercial baking plants over the ensuing decades, and continues to dominate in the markets where it has established full distribution.



YogiFi is an Intelligent Yoga Mat that tracks asanas, provides real-time correctional feedback, correlates vitals from wearables and tracks daily progress. It is powered by our unique knowledge platform that has the collective wisdom of global yoga gurus.


Wellnesys, a start-up based in Bengaluru launched ‘YogiFi’ at CES, Las Vegas, USA, a global stage of innovators and breakthrough technologies. YogiFi, a yoga mat with a promise to deliver holistic wellness worldwide, received an excellent response from visitors across various countries and won the coveted TWICE Picks Award at the end of show. TWICE evaluates the most innovative and influential consumer technology products and they picked top 80 products among the 5700+ products.


Ebounti is an on-demand delivery platform that follows a customer centric approach by working towards the customers’ needs and demands. It assures an effective combination of convenience and quality, served to the customers on a daily basis. Ebounti caters to the customer requirements in various industries, particularly; Grocery, Restaurants, Smoke Shops and Liquor Stores.

At the same time, it offers an opportunity of enlarging the customer base to all the businesses associated with us. Moreover, the user-friendly interfaces ease out the complex process of inventory upload and management. This ensures a smooth delivery experience for our customers.


Allcargo Logistic

Allcargo Logistics is the global leader in LCL consolidation and India’s first and largest integrated logistics solutions provider, in the private sector. We create services that are innovative and adaptable towards your supply chain needs. For us, logistics is not just a service but an opportunity to create solutions that empower businesses globally.

We are a dynamic organisation with a strong network of 300+ offices across 160+ countries through ECU Worldwide. We are committed towards creating benchmarks of quality and consistency to co-create value for all our stakeholders.

We don’t limit our challenges, instead we challenge our limits.

We make it happen.



A multi-faceted company, with a powerful combination of products, projects and engineering services for customers who are stringent with the quality standards. An integrated consortium of engineers, professionals, technicians and employees who are bound to ensure quality delivery on product and services. Set up in 1974 by the Government of Kerala, India, to develop steel-based industries and services in Kerala, SILK today is a multi million asset based organisation.

SILK form a powerful combination of Products, Projects and Engineering services for various customers like Heavy Engineering Industries, Power generation and transmission in and outside Kerala - SILK through its facilities for Industrial/Engineering Fabrication, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Machining, Casting, Boat Building, Ship Breaking and Commercial & Trading activities is on a continuous growth path to fulfill its vision and shape the dreams into reality.


Retail Handyman

Retail Handyman was started with the idea of servicing the retail industry and their outlets for the smaller everyday tasks that needed to be performed in order to make their stores look good. We are growing at the request of our clients to handle larger projects as we have proven we can deliver cost effectively and on time.

Our project management staff comprises of people with experience in electrical, plumbing, HVAC, carpentry, fixture installation, carpeting and general contracting as well as other trades. We have the "know how" and the ability to resolve anything from the top of your building to the corner of your property. Our network of vendors currently totals over 20,000 in the US alone. They are all skilled tradesmen that strive to deliver the highest quality of work with the utmost in integrity on a moments notice.

Retail Handyman