First and foremost, Java and PHP are languages while .NET is a framework. User Friendliness is generally for an application – it is called UX. Frameworks are generally rated as developer friendly and not as user friendly.

So, here is my comparison between the following technology frameworks:

Java + J2EE (Spring, Hibernate) – highly developer friendly. Mostly open source and easy to find a great deal of experienced developers on this technology stack. Is truly vendor independent. Scalability is very high and perfomance tuning can be very granular.

PHP + (Laravel/CI/Cake PHP | WordPress/Drupal/Magento) – Mostly deployed as a LAMP Stack and thus is most cost effective. Security depends on the developer as the technology stack needs to be configured to suit your needs – yet is considered secure based on the community support. Highly scalable and performance tuning can be done up-to some extent.

ASP/C# + .NET – Vendor locked to Microsoft systems only on both server as well as DB. Highly scalable. Performance tuning is miserable because most of the developers do not know the intricacies of the stack. Hence, general performance solution post DB query tuning is to scale up. Security is a double edged sword in this stack. You are vendor locked with Microsoft to provide updates even when they have selectively started sharing the source code of their recent platforms. So if there is a security update from Microsoft, apply it – if not assume that your app is most secure as no one knows where to start hacking in from (Pun intended)

All 3 can be used to deliver high value enterprise apps.

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