NFC Solutions leverages years of RF experiences to deliver carrier grade wi-fi solutions which uniformly integrate into existing communication systems and delivery the highest quality of service.


Multi‐Technology Expertise – VoLTE, LTE, UMTS, CDMA, GSM, Wi-Fi
Vendor Agnostic ‐ Expertise on Major OEM Platforms – ALU, Ericsson, Nokia


Full Breadth of Performance Skills and Tools to Optimize Networks

  • Efficient and cost effective optimization techniques
  • Tools and practices aligned with industry processes
  • Feature‐based parameter optimization, Gold Standard parameter audits
  • Neighbor list creation and neighbor list optimization
  • Layer management strategies across multiple carriers and technologies
  • Baseline, Iterative, and Real‐time optimization drive testing

KPI Monitoring and Analysis

  • OSS/WMS/SAM Alarm Correlation with degraded equipment and transport elements
  • Call Trace Analysis for KPI Improvements – Accessibility, Retainability,Mobility
  • In depth Investigation for throughput improvement and optimization
  • Site and Cluster Level KPI Trending and Improvement Capability and Track Record

Drive Based and Driveless Cluster Optimization

  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 Analysis to identify root cause of dropped calls and access failures with inter-carrier/multiple technology capability
  • Correlation of Cell Trace Data with Network KPI’s to identify Parameter Updates for Optimum Cluster Performance
  • Coverage Optimization – recommendations for Tilts, Azimuth and Rad Center Changes
  • Extensive experience with Site/Carrier Go-Live processes and best practices

LTE/UMTS RF Optimization Services

  • Cluster and Single Site Optimization
  • Full RAN Support includes Parameter Changes, Workorders, ScriptGeneration, and Implementation on OSS/WMS/SAM
  • Neighbor list generation, cell designations and golden parameter compliance
  • RF Parameter Analysis – Evaluation of RSRP, SINR, DL/UL Throughput,Handovers, Latency
  • Downtilt , Power, Azimuth changes to reduce Pilot Pollution and improve SINR/Throughput
  • Backhaul support to check transport & SIAD
  • VoLTE KPI Analysis and Optimization Techniques
  • Tailored Drive Kit Solutions and Drive Route Generation
  • Handover Matrix analysis
  • PSC/PCI Allocation Audits
  • Feature Testing

Benchmark Drives and Reporting for Competitive Analysis

  • Ability to benchmark multiple technologies (VoLTE, LTE, UMTS,HSPA, EV‐DO, CDMA, GSM)
  • High Visibility Trouble Resolution and Performance Improvement Drive Testing
  • Company Owner Equipment to support RF Interference Isolation and Mitigation activities
  • Network Implementation Drive Testing Support
  • Re‐homes, New Site Builds, E 911 New Feature Implementation and FFA testing

Breadth of Resources Capable of Supporting Multiple Technologies

  • National coverage equipped with Carrier Class Drive and Walk Test Equipment
  • NFC Solutions and operates industry standard data collection and Data processing

Drive Test Team Planning and Coordination

  • Remote Support Center provides on‐call troubleshooting for all field teams to avoid delays and mitigate kit issues
  • Internal MOPs for efficiencies in kit configurations, escalation paths and troubleshooting
  • Drive Teams trained for industry mandated drive configuration


NFC Solutions delivers the following Integration services:

  • Site Design and Planning (CIQ Completion)
  • RAN Delivery and Installation
  • LTE, UMTS, and GSM Integrations and site modifications
  • E911 Call Testing
  • RF Drive-Based and Driveless Optimization

NFC Solutions maintains the following teams to deliver the highest quality service to your network team while delivering RAN Integration Services:

  • Program Management
  • Field Services

The program management team is the primary interface to our customer. Their primary role is summarized below:

Process Management of:

  • Site List and Scope of Work
  • Site Scheduling
  • Logistics Management – Keys, Badges, Access Requirements, SIMs
  • Materials Management
  • Post integration troubleshooting
  • Operations acceptance
  • Quoting and PO management
  • Communications and Reporting
  • Operational Reports & Communication
  • Summary or “ Roll up” Reporting
  • Communications required to resolve inter vendor issues
  • Project status calls as required to interface with our customer and other vendors

The NFC INTEGRATION CENTER (NIC) is responsible for managing all remote service work. Their primary role is summarized below:

  • Perform CIQ validation
  • Design/Work Order/Script creation
  • Provision Carrier Adds and NSB to the network
  • RET Provisioning & Validation
  • Direct and Support nfc solutions Field Operations
  • Commissioning testing
  • Integration testing
  • NEA External alarm commissioning and verification
  • Data Call Testing (Voice, Data, CSFB, e911, VoLTE)
  • Support Turf Vendors on Schedule Integration Date
  • Manage Network Element Administrative States
  • Provide completion document for the closeout process

The Field Services team is handing all action required at the site or in preparation for activities in the field. Their primary role is summarized below:

  • Complete pre-installation site survey
  • Manage cabinet delivery and complete the physical Installation as required
  • Perform field work associated with Commissioning/Integration/Site Modification

Perform functional site testing to include:

  • Functional Call Testing/circuit switch fallback testing (VoLTE as required)
  • 911 testing
  • VoLTE non emergency and e911 testing
  • RET validation (If requested)
  • External Alarms testing and validation
  • Call into the MNRC to complete NEA testing
  • Manage all Base Station field work required for alarm clearing
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