Cyber security is an important concern for every organization. Daily occurrences demonstrate the risk posed by cyber attackers—from individual, opportunistic hackers, to professional and organized groups of cyber criminals with strategies for systematically stealing intellectual property and disrupting business.

NFC Solutions Cyber Security Consulting practice helps Organizations assess their security posture to detect and correct all cyber threats in order to protect their critical Business assets with a sharp focus on building cyber resilience.

What is Cyber Security

Cyber security, also referred to as Information Technology Security, focuses on protecting Computers, Networks, Programs and Data from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction.

Cyber risk

Cyber risk can be defined as the risk connected to activity online, internet trading, electronic systems and technological networks, as well as storage of personal data. Cyber Risks are

Cyber threats

Cyber threats to a Control System refer to Persons who attempt unauthorized access to a Control System device and/or Network using a data communications pathway


Targeted attacks are becoming more common. In a study of 1,200 companies


NFC Solutions Consulting Services help organizations transform their security model from a reactive one to a more proactive, dynamic and risk-based cyber security operating model

Our services and solution frameworks help organizations:

  • Identify high-value business assets, estimate a client’s risk appetite and make decisions based upon risk exposure.
  • Assess cyber security maturity levels and quantify cyber risk in dollar terms
  • Identify security weaknesses, and design and implement a cyber remediation program
  • Achieve an optimal cyber insurability profile
  • Develop and execute dynamic cyber security roadmaps
  • Deliver cyber security as a managed service
  • The solutions we recommend have the ability to process natural language, process voice and images, and also have the ability to turn unstructured data into tools like knowledge graphs that can be easily analyzed. The solution will embrace cognitive assimilation, to continuously enhance security use cases and bring that information back to security analysts.
  • Machine learning is used to help increase the detection and accuracy of vulnerabilities, and prioritize those vulnerabilities so you can respond much faster.
  • Behavioral learning is used to proactively anticipate and find anomalies around threats that are happening in the network.
  • Solution offers an end-to-end protection and an immune system approach that spans across deep analytics, identity and access, advanced fraud, data, application, network, endpoint, cloud, mobile and research.


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